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Adimec introduces the Q-12A180 and more at Vision 2014

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At the Vision 2014 event in Stuttgart, Germany November 4th to 6th we will announce and demonstrate several new CoaXPress cameras including a new Quad CoaXPress high-speed area scan camera, the Q-12A180.

Adimec introduces highest image quality QUAD CoaXPress camera the new QUARTZ Q-12A180/CXP

Q 12A180 12 megapixel coaxpress machine vision industrial oem camera 2

Today we introduce the highest image quality QUAD CoaXPress camera - the new QUARTZ Q-12A180/CXP combining 12 MPx imaging and 187 fps performance with benefits of CoaXPress interface.

OEM metrology cameras enabling 2 Gigapixels per second at low power – how is it possible?

Adimec quartz cmv12000 cxp low power metrology camera

The state-of-the-art high-resolution global shutter CMOS image sensors (and subsequent metrology cameras) enable performance leaps for many measurement methods relied on in semiconductor and electronics process control systems.  BUT, the extreme data rates present major challenges for OEMs in their new innovative systems. For camera builders these data rates are just as challenging in terms of camera component selection, small physical outline design, increased power dissipation, heat management within the camera and more.

Introducing the Adimec Q-12A180, 12 Megapixels 180 fps


Check out our short video for more information on the new Q-12A180!

Image CApture of the Future “The ICAF project” for 3D single lens image capture and more announces results

high speed quad coaxpress 12 megapixel 180 frames per second machine vision camera

The ICAF project which covered 3D single lens image capture, video over Ethernet, multi-view systems, high-speed cameras for 3D and HDTV recently announced results on their website.

Camera Requirements for 3D Metrology


The increasing trend from 2D measurements to 3D in semiconductor and electronics metrology and inspection systems results in more stringent requirements for the OEM camera.  

Metrology equipment upgrade considerations with increasing to high-resolution cameras

coaxpress camera framegrabber system

High resolution, high-speed metrology cameras can be a great way to increase accuracy and throughput of equipment even with smaller features to inspect or measure.  In order to realize these benefits, the optics, the frame grabber and other components in the imaging chain must be properly matched and optimized.  With increases from 4 Megapixels to 8 or even 12 Megapixels at fast frame speeds, there are several considerations at the system level to utilize the higher data rate.  Here we will mention a few…

New QUAD CoaXPress High Speed Area Scan Camera

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This week we announced a new QUAD CoaXPress 1.1 high-speed area scan camera.  This addition to the family of CMOS global shutter cameras offers highest speed, high resolution with reliable image quality to measure ever smaller critical structures or defects with the increased accuracy and throughput required by in-line optical metrology systems. 

How metrology cameras with high speed combined with high image quality improve accuracy


We have talked about how high resolution, high-speed metrology cameras can improve accuracy and throughput for process control systems used in semiconductor and electronics inspection.  BUT, this is only true if the cameras provide the necessary image quality and deliver this image quality consistently  at the full frame rate. 


How Active Sensor Control Provides Reliable Pixel Data for Metrology Cameras

adimec active sensor control

The benefits of greater accuracy and throughput from high-resolution cameras can only be realized if the entire image sensor is usableMetrology cameras are optimized for uniformity and dynamic range among other parameters to provide the most accurate starting image.  Metrology cameras are relied on when the pixel information is used as measurement input such as with process control systems for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing and others.   

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