Adimec shares first results from CISTERN project with development of low light CMOS camera prototypes for high-end video surveillance and security applications

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, Oct 22, 2015

Beginning in April 2015 (with expected completion in 2018), Adimec has participated as a key partner in the CISTERN project for advancing CMOS image sensor technology.  We are now sharing our first results including a low light CMOS cameras for security applications.

The main of objective of CISTERN, which is an acronym for Cmos Image Sensor TEchnlogies’ Readiness for Next generation of applications, is to research technologies for CMOS image sensors needed in the future for several industries including broadcast & entertainment, high-end security, and multi-spectral imaging.  The other partners in this project are Grass Valley (project leader), Thales Angenieux, SoftKinetic Sensors, Delft University of Technology, University of Burgundy.

The image sensor research includes development of:

  • Better pixels (lower noise, higher dynamic range, new functionality within the pixel).

  • More pixels (higher spatial and temporal resolutions), including UHD or UHDTV for broadcasting and security.
  • Sensor related processing.


The goals and objectives for the program are to:

  • Develop next generation CMOS image sensors with improved pixels.
  • Develop real-time image processing techniques to improve image quality.
  • Develop capability to produce multispectral imagers by hybridization of multispectral filter arrays on top of CMOS sensors.
  • Demonstrate the improved performance of the CMOS imagers combined with related processing in a number of demonstrators.
  • Develop UHD resolution, widely opened, sensor adapted zoom lenses
  • Develop and demonstrate integrated camera lens assemblies for security applications that offer UHDTV performance with the size and weight of an HDTV solution.

Adimec contributes with video processing developments optimized for security applications and expertise with integrated camera lens assemblies. The first prototypes of latest generation CMOS cameras for low light global security applications were recently demonstrated by Adimec.

The CISTERN project was awarded by the Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on NanoElectronics (CATRENE) programme which is the ambition of Europe and European companies to deliver nano-/ microelectronics solutions that enable lighthouse projects and respond to the needs of society at large.

More information is available on the CISTERN website:


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