2013 Brought many new innovations and applications with machine vision

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Dec 18, 2013

Each year there are exciting advances in what is possible with a machine vision camera.  These cameras are going way beyond industrial manufacturing into defense surveillance systems, robotic surgery, intelligent traffic systems, border security, health monitoring, and more.  In 2013, we discussed many of these new applications in detail on our blog.  Here are a few:

Hyperspectral imaging possible in a compact solution

Imec’s system implements spectral filters right on the sensor to create a compact, fast, and low cost solution by eliminating bulky and expensive optics.  For more information:




Improvements in agriculture with more efficient monitoring of crops

Headwall Photonics’ Hyperspec® VNIR hyperspectral solution using an Adimec OEM camera core on a small UAV inspects orange groves to look for citrus blight disease:


Photonics drives innovations for less invasive diagnostics and surgery

The CAReIOCA project is out of the EU was initiated to provide pathologists and/or surgeons non-invasive optical imaging at the cellular level within the human body in real time.  The technology intends to assist in diagnosis, particularly of cancer, in skin, breast, prostate, brain etc, as well as quality control of biopsies.


Machine Vision cameras replacing consumer cameras in Traffic Monitoring

With advances in machine vision components, such as increased resolution, and lower prices, traffic applications can now take advantage of the other benefits of machine vision cameras such as higher frame rates, more robust design, longer life span and life cycle management, accurate timing, and thorough technical support. 


Underwater Imaging for Scientific Discoveries

The Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory, AIVL have implemented Adimec HD color cameras into a variety of their imaging systems, including an underwater, stereoscopic 3-D system that collected video in the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) and the remotely operated vehicle, Jason used to capture footage of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Rim:



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