The Year of CoaXPress – changes with CoaXPress version 1.1

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Jan 29, 2014

CoaXPress version 1.1 was released in April of 2013 and now products based on this version are available. 

All of the specifics on CoaXPress version 1.1 are available on the JIIA website:

Since this year will be the year of CoaXPress (as declared by Bitflow), we wanted to highlight some of the changes in the latest version

In general, items that were observed as unclear were clarified.  Some specific terms were renamed, like Link and Connection, which were used differently between standards, causing problems.

  • v1.0 calls one coax cable a “Link”; v1.1 calls it a “Connection”.
  • v1.1 calls a master connection plus extension connections a “Link”.

Version 1.1 was also updated to the latest standards GenICam. For more information on the role of GenICam with CoaXPress:

Various efforts were made so that the standard (implementation) is simpler including the packet priority scheme and the physical layer requirement.  Version 1.1 has slightly relaxed physical layer requirements, although these changes had already been approved for v1.0 products. Therefore, there is no effect in operation – a v1.0 product inherently complies with the slightly relaxed v1.1 requirements.

The high speed up connection is optional in v1.1, so the discovery procedure (see the standard v1.1 §10.1.4 for more details) allows the system to switch to the high speed up connection only if the entire system supports it.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of new connectors.  In v1.1, the new DIN connector is supported in addition to the existing BNC.  It is expected that new products will increasingly use DIN connectors because of the multi-way options, and because they will be needed in future CXP versions as speeds increase beyond the current 6.25 Gbps.

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Version 1.2 of the CoaXPress standard is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014 which will enable faster speeds per cable (10 Gbps and 12. Gbps) and include updates with GenICam among other improvements. Demonstrator products are expected at the Vision Show in November 2014 in Stuttgart Germany.  


For more information about CoaXPress and how it compares to other machine interface standards, please download our free eBook.

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