New cancer diagnostic techniques and compact hyperspectral camera solutions are two innovations highlighted at Photonics West

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Feb 5, 2014

There are many amazing new products and technologies unveiled and discussed at this week’s Photonics West Show.  We are impressed at how many industries from agriculture to medicine are advanced by photonics.

There are two projects highlighted at the show, which we are very proud to be a part of.  The first is the CAReIOCA project for the development of a fast cancer diagnostic instrument and the second is a collaboration with imec for a compact hypersepectral imaging camera solution.

CAReIOCA is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. CAReIOCA teams up industrial experts in imaging sensors, camera solutions and biomedical optical imaging to as well as two medical institutions.

The goal of CAReIOCA is to provide pathologists and/or surgeons non-invasive optical imaging at the cellular level within the human body in real time.  The optical technology used in the end system is based on Full Field Optical Coherence Tomography (FFOCT), a technique that enables volumetric image capture on semi-transparent tissue at micron resolution in 3D.  The technology intends to assist in diagnosis, particularly of cancer, in skin, breast, prostate, brain etc, as well as quality control of biopsies.  

The project was started in November 2012, and click here for a detailed report of the progress as of the end of 2013.


Learn more about CAReIOCA project and FFOCT imaging at SPIE Photonics West – BIOS, Feb 1st-6th 2014:

“Optical biopsy on head and neck tissue using full-field OCT: a pilot study”, F. De Leeuw – IGR – Feb 1st 3:30pm

“Pre-clinical study design for cancer detection with Full-Field Optical coherence Tomography”, A.C.Boccara – LLTech – Feb 5th 1:30pm

Adimec careioca project  

CAREiOCA members during first Consortium Meeting – Paris, Dec 2012


Imec (Belgium) performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics.  Imec approached Adimec to collaborate as a provider of a hyperspectral camera.  Imec’s system implements spectral filters right on the sensor to create a compact, fast, and low cost solution by eliminating bulky and expensive optics.  Demonstration tools from imec are currently available which include imec's software to complete the image processing.

Click here for more details on the technology from imec. 

Click here for more details on hyperspectral imaging.  


A press release today from imec highlights the recent achievements on this project.  


The different hyperspectral imaging camera prototypes will be showcased at imec’s booth at Photonics West. For a demonstration, please visit imec at booth #4529 at SPIE Photonics West exhibition.


If you are not at the show and would like more information about these hyperspectral cameras, please e-mail

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