Rugged full HD COTS cameras now with additional interfaces and image sensors

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Mon, May 5, 2014

Adimec has expanded TMX-DHD series of rugged COTS cameras for the global security market.  TMX-DHD cameras have been integrated in multiple new and upgrade programs in the US, Europe, and Israel for airborne payloads, situational awareness systems, and ground vehicle-based long-range observations systems, among others.  These cameras increase the detection, recognition, and identification performance while meeting the minimal size, weight, power, and cost requirements.

The TMX-DHD series optimizes 2/3” CCD full HD image sensors in various configurations including remote sensor head design (TMX6-DHD), a cube outline (TMX7-DHD) and a board-level (TMX7-DHD BLC) for integration in airborne payloads and other sensor system architectures.  In addition, 1/2” sensor versions (TMX8-DHD and TMX9-DHD) are now available for alternate optical formats. 

The video interface options have been expanded, and now include HD-SDI, CoaXPress, Camera Link, and mini-Camera Link.  Integrated optics and image processing can be added for better alignment of the imaging chain and reduced number of suppliers.  Customization is possible, although the wide variety of standard combinations meet the requirements of most programs.

All of the TMX-DHD cameras are commercial products (COTS/R-COTS) and also qualified according to MIL-STD-810G to verify rugged performance.  The qualification process includes vibration, acceleration, and shock testing.  Humidity, altitude, salt & fog, and extended temperature range (-40℃ to +71℃) performance is also included. Adimec’s rugged cameras are subjected to a full acceptance test with options for thermal cycling, vibration stress, and environmental stress screening to guarantee products for the operational life.

Developments are in progress for additional image sensor options and more.

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