Proven image sensor and camera technologies for increased DRI at 2014 SPIE DSS

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Tue, May 20, 2014

There was an increase in image sensor and machine vision products at the 2014 SPIE DSS as expected:

While it was great to hear about all of the upcoming and exciting new developments underway, there was also many discussion on pushing the limits of proven technology.  With many global security and defense systems just making the switch from low resolution, analog solutions to HD digital full motion video, there are excellent daylight image sensors in volume production that enable the required sensitivity and base performance.  Many manufacturers have focused on how to modify existing products to expand the operational envelope.

While many electro-optical systems have visibility in day and night conditions, there is room for improvement to further increase DRI (detection, recognition, and identification) capabilities.  Using established technology has the added benefit of configuration control for long-term supply. 

Some of the ways existing full motion video cameras have been improved to expand the operational envelope:


Here is a short video from the exhibition floor, including a live demonstration of the Adimec TMX-DHD series of rugged COTS cameras, which is paired with, zoom optics: 


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