Rugged COTS cameras with increased options for new and upgrade electro-optical modules

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, May 28, 2014

The TMX-DHD series of rugged COTS full motion video cameras has been designed into many global security systems around the world for increased detection, recognition, and identification performance.  This series has been expanded with additional interfaces and sensor options to ease the integration into more new and upgrade programs in airborne payloads, situational awareness systems, and ground vehicle-based long-range observations systems, among others. 

All of the cameras are full HD resolution (1940 x 1460) and NIR sensitivity, lightweight designs, and low power consumption.  They are available in monochrome or color versions, which utilize Adimec proprietary color processing technology including automatic and manual white balance and switchable to raw Bayer patterns.

Other video enhancement options include automatic exposure control, contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, defect pixel correction, and gamma correction for unprecedented quality and clarity in real-time, changing outdoor conditions. Signal processing functions include 4X electronic zoom (color models), sharpness indication, and bore sighting for example.

We provide the chart below to clarify the options available with each of the different models. 

TMX DHD Adimec Rugged Cameras Overview2

With the HD-SDI versions metadata is included, and in-pixel overlay is included with CoaXPress and Camera Link.

There are many COTS cameras available that offer extended operating temperatures but are not truly rugged or MIL-STD Qualified and are not designed and managed for supply for 5 or 10 years or even longer.

All of the TMX-DHD cameras are qualified according to MIL-STD-810G to verify rugged performance for different environmental conditions in airborne systems and on land vehicles.  Adimec’s rugged cameras are subjected to a full qualification and acceptance testing with options for thermal cycling, vibration stress, and environmental stress screening to guarantee products for the operational life.

In addition to rugged qualification, these commercial cameras are also managed to meet the needs of long-term programs.  This includes configuration control as well as obsolescence mitigation.


For full specifications, please contact us or download the specification document by clicking the link below:

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