Adimec demonstrates first available CMOSIS sensor-based and CoaXPress cameras at the Vision Trade Fair in Stuttgart

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, Nov 18, 2010

The Vision Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany is the largest industrial camera exhibition in the world.  Adimec provided live demonstrations of its latest cameras now available, offering major technological leaps in performance and quality.

Adimec booth at the Vision2010 Show in Stuttgart

Adimec booth at the Vision 2010 Show in Stuttgart

The first is the Adimec Q-4A180 camera, a 4 Megapixel CMOS camera which runs at 180 frames per second (fps).  The Q-4A180 combines a state of the art CMOS sensor (the CMOSIS CMV4000) and Adimec’s True Accurate Imaging™ technology to offer the most advanced CMOS camera available for performance-critical applications.  The new camera achieves the industry’s fastest frame rates (180 frames per second) for a global shutter 4 megapixel camera with no compromises in sensitivity, dynamic range and linearity at these high speeds. In addition, the camera operates at a very low noise levels below 13 e- and provides linear dynamic ranges of 60dB and up due to Adimec's True Accurate Imaging technology.  A new NIR-enhanced version with significantly increased the sensitivity above 650nm was announced at the show and is also available.

Adimec CMOS camera with CMOSIS CMV4000

Quartz 4 Megapixel camera demonstration at the Vision 2010 Show in Stuttgart

Prior the approval of the CoaXPress standard scheduled for the ITE Show in Yokohama, Japan December 8-10, 2010, Adimec demonstrated the first production camera already available to support the CoaXPress standard.  CoaXPress (CoaXPress description) allows transmission performance up to 3x faster than Camera Link base in a single coaxial cable that combines power, GPIO, commands and data and can extend up to 140 meters.  CoaXPress adds to the Opal’s existing support of Camera Link and GigE Vision interface options.  The flagship Opal line of cameras is Adimic’s most versatile family, delivering unparalleled channel matching, linearity and dynamic range at resolutions between 1-8 MP at up to 120 fps.

Besides faster data rates, one of the big advantages of CoaXPress is the thin but reliable and flexible cable.  This makes it ideal for many applications, such as a slip ring as displayed by Adimec.

“The Vision Show is a great opportunity to launch new products.  This year we worked passionately on true technology advancements, not only to announce new concepts but primarily to present new product solutions that are satisfying the needs of our customers and are available now.”  Just Smit, Founder and Strategic Marketing Advisor


Adimec CMOS CMOSIS camera with true accurate imaging

Find out how an Adimec camera can improve the accuracy of your system and see what you've been missing.


We look forward to see you at the next Vision show next year!

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