New QUARTZ Qs Series Generates Excitement at Automate 2011

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Tue, Apr 5, 2011

The best of both worlds:  CCD image quality at twice the speed

Adimec took the wraps off its new QUARTZ Qs series of caAdimec Quartz Qs CMOSIS resized 600meras at last week’s Automate show, and visitors seemed very impressed with the combination of image quality, frame rate, and the Camera Link Base interface. We noticed a lot of interest when system developers wanted to increase the throughput of their CCD camera based system. “We like the quality of CCD, but now we suffer from the frame rate limitations of this technology. With the QUARTZ Qs series we can double our throughput and maintain our accuracy. That is really remarkable.” According visitors.

Most system developers commented on the ability to have a ‘best of both worlds’ combination of cost-effective performance and image quality, thanks to the Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology advantage. This allows us to use higher performing CMOS sensors, but still achieve the quality typically associated with CCD sensors (for a good read on CCD vs. CMOS, go to a recent article in Test and Measurement World or our own blog post on this topic).

In reality, the new QUARTZ Qs series delivers more than the best of both worlds – because we also address issues such as cost and integration within the entire system. The family comes in a cost-effective and smaller form factor (compared to our main QUARTZ series), that also includes support for Camera Link base architectures. So, for existing systems based on the Camera Link interface, this is an ideal fit, saving time and money.

Here’s how our own Marcel Dijkema describes the way the QUARTZ Qs series enhances our product portfolio: “These new small footprint, high-performance cameras address an important need in machine vision applications that require quality images at higher speeds in cost-effective infrastructure solutions. We have taken key characteristics of our popular OPAL series, such as Camera Link base support and small form factor, and applied them to the CMOS-performance advantages of our higher frame rate QUARTZ series with these two new products.”

The two initial versions of the QUARTZ Qs series are the Qs-4A40 and Qs-2A80 cameras. The Qs-2A80 and Qs-4A40 deliver 2048 x 1088 running at 76 fps and 2048 x 2048 running at 40fps, respectively. In burst mode, the cameras deliver 170 fps and 90 fps respectively, a 2x improvement over any other Camera Link base camera.

The result is a camera that is the highest performing option for Camera Link base systems (thanks to the underlying CMOS sensors) and no compromises in image quality (thanks to Adimec True Accurate imaging technology).

No wonder the crowds at Automate were impressed.

CTA PSD Qs4A40 700x117 div describe the image

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