Looking through the fog in HD resolution with cost effective visible camera solution

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, May 4, 2011

See Through the Fog with Cost Effective Solutions for Defense and Security Applications from Adimec:  HD Doesn’t have to be High Cost

SWIR and infrared cameras enable "sight" in difficult situations for the human eye.  But these solutions offer low resolutions and a SWIR camera can cost 4 to 5 times more than a "normal" visible camera.  During last week's SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing event in Orlando, FL, Adimec showed our VEM technology and our new rugged camera platform.  This technololgy enables contrast enhancement using visible cameras with high resolution (e.g HDTV) to obtain clear images despite environmental issues such as fog, mist, or low light.  The combination of high resolution and the ability to see clearly in difficult circumstances significantly improves the possibilities for detection, recognition, and identification in situational awareness and HD designator systems.

That’s why Adimec’s  “See Through the Fog” demo really struck a chord:

Click here to see an outdoor example of the VEM in action.

The Adimec outdoor cameras – the TMX-DHD series for ruggedized military applications and demanding security systems – utilize our unique VEM technology. Because of its capabilities and cost benefits, the TMX-DHD (daylight high definition) platform has been especially well-received by people in the military and defense industries. It combines performance, ruggedness and optimal form factors to address the toughest requirements of state-of-the-art defense systems. In addition to its core technology capabilities, developers like the remote sensor head configuration for maximum implementation flexibility. We continue to enhance this production-proven series with improved performance capabilities, the latest sensor technologies, new features for more accurate and clearer vision, and a broader range of packaging and interface options. Look for new monochrome, color and NIR versions of this defense industry stalwart coming later this year.

Plus, using this flexible platform, Adimec offers custom tailoring services to deliver solutions specifically designed for unique requirements. And, we guarantee each camera regardless of volumes.

Adimec is proud of the role it has played in helping improve the safety and effectiveness of military equipment over the years. With the continuing innovation we are delivering, we are confident we can enable better protection and precision on the battlefield and anywhere this level of vision capability is required.

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