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Posted by Gretchen Alper on Tue, May 10, 2011

Adimec has expanded the QUARTZ series of CMOSIS-based cameras to offer even more options to enable low cost system upgrades

We have received many positive responses for the QUARTZ Q-4A180 CMOSIS-based CMOS camera. It delivers images like CCD cameras only at very fast frame rates. But utilizing the continuous full speed of the Q-4A180 requires a relatively expensive 10 tap Camera Link frame grabber.

To provide options that meet the needs of various imaging systems and enable fast upgrades, we developed the Q-4A150.  This camera uses the same CMV4000 CMOS sensor from CMOSIS as the Q-4A180 but is configured for an 8 tap Camera Link output.  This results in 157 full 4 Megapixel frames per second and 180 fps can still be achieved using the standard burst acquisition mode.

Adimec quartz q4A150Just like all other QUARTZ CMOS cameras, the Q-4A150 has a low noise design and features a wide range of image processing features like advanced flat field correction (FFC) and image averaging.  These are all part of the Adimec True Accurate imaging® technology.

In a never-ending quest for better, faster, cheaper this is good news for equipment manufacturers of metrology and inspection systems; you no longer have to pick 2.  The Q-4A150, is fast and works with common (less expensive) 8 tap Camera Link environments at very fast frame rates and still delivers the required image quality for accuracy and precision.

With this latest addition, there’s even more choices available from Adimec.  See also our recently introduced QUARTZs Series which offers different resolution, frame speed, mechanical outline combinations.

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