Electro-Optical digital camera systems on military vehicles everywhere at the DSEi show

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, Sep 22, 2011

At the DSEi defense and security exhibition last week, it seemed that there was a lot of talk and new products relating to situational awareness video systems everywhere, especially 360° views on vehicles and adding HD visible capability. Many of the vehicle platforms shown were equipped with an electro-optical system that combined day, low light, and night vision systems. Compared to the same exhibition held 2 years ago, there were more electro-optical system providers and more of an emphasis on HD color video intelligence. I was concerned that this was our observation because Adimec provides rugged, HD color cameras, but this recent article in Military & Aerospace Electronics confirms this trend.

Click here for the article:  Military & Aerospace Electronics Article:  Video and image processing at the edge

The article states:

“The hottest trend in the military geospatial-intelligence community is full motion video, but it requires a robust infrastructure for capture, storage, analysis, and transmission with high bandwidth and low latency, says Ching Hu, manager of avionics system architecture, Aerospace & Defense division, Xilinx in San Jose, Calif. Technology firms in the mil-aero community are keeping a close eye on such trends, anticipating and delivering on technological demands.

Demand for video is increasing in three mil-aero vectors, Steele notes. “Combat air patrols of existing vehicles are up 300% since 2007, the number of new platforms is going up exponentially, and the number of cameras/sensors mounted on each platform is going up. The Predator has 1 camera, the new Gorgon Stare platform has 9 cameras, and the next generation will have 36.””

Despite defense budget reductions, especially in the USA, unmanned systems will become more pervasive with more sophisticated camera systems.

From DSEi website:

Reflecting the market expansion for Unmanned Systems (US) over the next ten years; with total values for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) increasing annually from just over $3 billion in 2011 to more than $5.5 billion in 2019, one of DSEi’s major features will be the Robotics and Unmanned Systems Showcase.”

Visual intelligence and video information is used in so many ways by the military whether it be for driver guidance, situational awareness on a vehicle platform or fixed surveillance position, or target identification and designation, as well as others.  HD color video offers advantages over lower resolution camera or non video system options (unaided human eyes, binoculars, etc.).  With increased detection capabilities of potentially dangerous situations, recognition from longer distances, and better identification increases soldier safety and mission effectiveness. 

At this DSEi event Adimec also showed of its latest camera technDSEi-defense-trade-show-electronicsology. We received a lot of attention with our outdoor scene demonstration. Some visitors of our booth noticed “you show a very good SLR photo of an outdoor scene”, than we explained them that is our goal to create live video at digital photography quality. The Adimec TMX6-DHD camera we are talking about here is designed to meet the latest requirements and fulfill the needs for the defense industry with:

  • Full HD resolution (1080p AND UXGA)
  • Ruggedized off the shelf (rugged COTS) products
  • Small size, light weight and power consumption, optimized for SWaP
  • Image enhancement/processing capabilities including options to “see” at dawn, dusk, in hazy weather conditions and through the fog
  • Light weight/flexible outline
  • Adaptable video-data interfaces
  • Versatile power interfaces
  • Sensitive in visible and near infrared

More detailed information on our Defense and Security programs and products can be found on our web site.

Click here for more information on our rugged cameras for outdoor applications.


Click here for more information on the Adimec TMX6-DHD

As the Military and Aerospace Electronics article points out, there is still a lot of work to be done to figure out how to deal with all of the data and improve reaction time to the intelligence gathered, but this is a focus for the military and many software and computing power developments are underway.

The show made clear yet again that there is still a lot of technology to be deployed onto the battlefields.

See you there again in 2 years.

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