Machine Vision Camera Parameters for 3D

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, Nov 17, 2011

There are many camera specifications that drive accuracy.  How do you avoid paying too much for excellent image quality?  Our short presentation (only 20 slides) will provide you with some background information on 3D measurements and the machine vision camera parameters to consider when moving to 3D.

3D vision inspection and metrology systems are becoming more common in the semiconductor and electronics industries because of the increasing complexity of electronic components.  3D imaging also allows for new medical vision applications, such as laser eye surgery.  The general trend is high speed, high resolution, and high quality cameras for these 3D vision inspections or measurements.  In order to reconstruct an accurate 3D profile from 2D images, the camera must meet those requirements and deliver a high level of image quality.  If a certain image quality level is achieved, then an industrial camera from the machine vision industry is capable of replacing expensive scientific cameras even in critical 3D medical vision applications.  

Download our (no contact information required) short presentation given by Adimec’s Chief Scientist, Jochem Herrmann at the Vision Stuttgart Trade Fair on November 8, 2011; we discuss the required industrial camera parameters to achieve the desired level of accuracy.

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