40 Ideas to Enhance your Machine Vision System

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, Jan 12, 2012

The important starting point for machine vision applications is the details in the image. A higher quality starting image requires less software workarounds, which enables you to focus on your core technology. The question is then, are you getting the details you need from your image? Would a better image be beneficial?

We gathered some ideas (suggestions or considerations) to get you thinking about how to enhance your machine vision system to get a better image.  These are some simple things you can do (some are even free) that might make dramatic improvements. 

We are not talking about any big expenses – all of these suggestions keep cost REDUCTIONS in mind.

Here is an excerpt of a few suggestions. Curious about more ideas? We offer you 40 ideas, which can be downloaded below.

Overall System

  1. Vibration - if your system is sensitive to vibration, pay special attention to cabling. Stiff cables are “excellent” transmission lines. 
  2. Calibration – does each component of your system require calibration? Can you purchase a higher level sub-assembly from your supplier that is already calibrated when you receive it?


  1. You can increase the resolution of cameras to try to reduce the number of overall cameras in the system.
  2. Use color to create contrast.

Lenses, Filters, and Lighting

  1. Do your optics have sufficient MTF to resolve the detail in tdescribe the imagehe scene you are imaging? If you are not too familiar with MTF, study it and make sure you understand how it influences your imaging system. Wikipedia is a great place to start.
  2. Fighting reflections in you image? Slightly tilt the enclosure window, filter, or other optical elements placed in front of the camera.

Cabling and Interface

  1. The most important advice is to use official standard interfaces. This will mean that future changes do not require a complete redesign of the system.
  2. Some Camera Link problems can be overcome by simple changes such as:
    • Removing cable ties.
    • Leaving space between cables.
    • Reducing sharp cable bends.
    • Reversing one Camera Link cable in a set to try to improve behavior.


  1. Determine what image related parameters are essential for your application and compare solution options based on that list, rather than just comparing brochure parameters on which every supplier presents best case information.
  2. Do your partners share the responsibilities of your goals in the long run? Do you want to be a market leader or a low-end product seller?

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