CCD or CMOS? COTS or Custom? Discussions to Continue at SPIE DSS 2012

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Tue, Mar 27, 2012

With the upcoming SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing show, we’re reminded of several previous topics pertaining to defense imaging that are still relevant, particularly CCD vs. CMOS image sensors, COTS vs. tailored COTS or customized solution, and increasing identification capabilities

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CCD or CMOS image sensors for defense systems?

CMOS image sensors have shown significant improvements in quality and are quickly approaching that of CCD sensors, especially when sophisticated camera technology is used to optimize image uniformity. Our conclusion was that more and more, CMOS-sensor based cameras are an increasingly good option for many machine vision applications, and this trend will continue.  Read more…


Designing Rugged Cameras Into Electro-Optical Systems

When the exact camera you need is not available on the market, you have 3 options:  build itAdimec TMX6-DHD yourself, build a workaround in the imaging system, or pay a supplier to customize their camera to your specifications.  An immediate reaction to the term “customization” is that it will be more expensive than an off-the-shelf solution. But a careful analysis of the total cost (Cost Of Ownership) shows the opposite to be true.  Read more...



Why HD resolution rugged cameras on defense electro-optical systems?

HD video offers advantages over lower resolution camera or non video system options (unaided human eyes, binoculars, etc.). 

One goal is to increase the probability for identification from the same distance by increasing the resolution to HD or higher.   Read more…


Adimec will be in Booth #1829 on the exhibition floor. In addition, Joost van Kuijk, Ph.D., VP Marketing & Technology, will present on Tuesday, April 24 at 10:30 AM, “Rugged cameras for situational awareness, gimbals, and designators” at the Exhibition Level, Baltimore Convention Center.

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