CCD vs. CMOS Image Sensors for Machine Vision, Defense, and Traffic Applications

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Thu, May 3, 2012

There is an on-going evolution happening in the type of image sensor best suited for various applications, with two camps firmly established: CCD and CMOS.  There is a lot of talk of the increased market share for CMOS sensors.  We have dedicated several posts to this topic and the advantages and disadvantages of each technology for specific applications.  In case you missed them before:

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We welcome your thoughts on this topic.  Please leave us a comment or visit us at the 2012 edition of The Vision Show Event in Boston, MA, held May 8- 10 at Booth #401.  Adimec will display and discuss enhancements to our latest CMOS-based QUARTZ family, as well as ultra high-resolution capabilities.

These latest developments to the QUARTZ series include:

•Reduced power consumption by about 2.5W
•More efficient implementation of the dual CoaXPress interface
•Improved frame-to-frame stability by a factor of 2.5
•Higher resolution options including 12 MP and greater

Topics: Sensor Technology, CCD vs. CMOS