Color Images in Machine Vision: Advantages of In-Camera Processing

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Oct 3, 2012

color image AdimecWhen a full color image from the machine vision system is required for accuracy, there are several advantages for having color processing right in the camera.  But, creating color images you can rely on is not as easy as it seems, especially when the image must represent the actual color of the scene.


There are some critical phases in creating a color image from a Bayer pattern sensor such as demosaicing and color recalculation.  (For more details click here).

These phases can be done well in the frame grabber and in the camera, but there are some advantages to do this in the camera. The main advantage is the high bit depth available for processing. It allows greater accuracy while offloading the system. A camera processes the colors at 12 or 14 bit resolution. If the system operates in a small band of the light spectrum, often the frame grabber can work in just 8 bits. This also reduces the processing requirements on the frame grabber and computer.

The end result is a crisp image with accurate color reproduction while off loading the system. 


Summary of advantages for in-camera color processing:

  • Camera manufacturers have in-depth sensor knowledge to make additional corrections, such as sharpness and saturation
  • Process images in 12 or 14 bit rather than 8 bits available out of the camera for greater accuracy
  • Automatic adjustments for changing conditions, such as lighting or temperature, to ensure consistency


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