CoaXPress Compliant Cameras Now Available

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Adimec's QUARTZ and OPAL cameras have both been certified as fully compliant with the CoaXPress interface standard version 1.0; our first high-performance area scan cameras to earn the certification. The cameras passed a comprehensive electrical compliancy test that began at the CoaXPress Plugfest during the Image Sensing Show (ISS) in Yokohama, Japan. The certification allows the Adimec cameras to carry the CoaXPress-certified logo, ensuring system developers that they are fully compliant with the coaxial cable-based interface and offer plug-and-play compatibility with certified frame-grabbers for more efficient development, implementation and integration within inspection and metrology systems.  All of the CoaXPress compliant products are listed on the Japanese Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) web site with many more expected in the coming months.

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CoaXPress advantages include the ability to reduce costs, enable more connectivity flexibility, and achieve higher transmission rates over long distances. Previous generation interface methods are constrained by the high costs of rigid cabling and limitations in data rates. CoaXPress allows the transmission of high-speed data over a single coax cable and is scalable by adding more cables.  In addition to the simplicity and benefits of using coax, CoaXPress works over long cable lengths – up to 40 metres at 6.25Gbps –  and much further at lower speeds.

With more compliant products, it is clear that the standard has now matured which allow for even further adoption.  


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