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Posted by Gretchen Alper on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Last week was another (25th!) successful Vision International Trade Fair for Machine Vision in Stuttgart, Germany.  We found the move to one big hall to be an overall improvement to the exhibition, allowing for a more integrated feel for the industry. 

We took this opportunity to design a new booth to have a customer-friendly feel.  This was a big year for us (20 year anniversary!) which we were proud to celebrate during the show.

Adimec vision 2012 3 Adimec vision 2012 2

There were few trends we observed. Here we share them, and we welcome your thoughts as well – please leave us a comment.


New Interfaces

The big interface buzz was definitely for USB3 Vision with the standard scheduled for release this year.  As there are several new interfaces currently available with longer cable lengths and even higher speed capability, so it will be interesting to see which applications that move to USB3 Vision.

CoaXPress-based products are now offered by even more vendors as the standard has matured.

For our free ePaper comparing vision interfaces, click here


Further Consolidation with Focus on Integration

We observed further consolidation of the market with big companies buying up smaller players offering complementary products.  This allows them to offer a more integrated product to the market.  This can be great for companies/applications requiring an out of the box solution.  It does mean that there are fewer camera specialists and harder for an image-based OEM to differentiate.


New Cameras

There were not a lot of revolutionary camera products announced.  Although a few companies (Adimec included) announced new cameras over 12 MP (i.e. 25 Megapixels based on the Vita 25k sensor), others emphasized smaller, cheaper general-purpose cameras. 

We feel that the show offered a great place to meet with customers and catch up with industry colleagues.  See you again next September!


What did you observe at the show?  Please leave us a comment.

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