Imec demonstrates a compact, low cost, fast hyperspectral imaging solution, part 2

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Hyperspectral imaging combines imaging and spectroscopy, which can increase measurement accuracy for a variety of applications (for more information on hyperspectral imaging, click here).  At the 2013 Photonics West Exhibition, Imec demonstrated their approach.

Here is a video of Andy Lambrechts of Imec explaining their solution:


Imec approached Adimec to collaborate as the provider of the camera for their system because we focus on application-specific cameras rather than general purpose.  This project results in solutions from Imec that can be optimized for a variety of applications.

Imec’s system implements spectral filters right on the sensor to create a compact, fast, and low cost solution by eliminating bulky and expensive optics.  Imec also developed their own software to complete the image processing.

They have two different options currently available:  snapshot and scanning. 

The scanning solution has hyperspectral filters on a CMOSIS CMV4000, 4 Megapixels at 180 fps, sensor in a staircase type structure where each band is for a different wavelength.  For the spectral range of 600 to 1000 nm, there are 100 spectral bands with 16 spectral lines/band and 2048 spatial pixels/line. 

The number of filters and layout can be customized to fit the application.  The sensor can be filled with only selected bands and is not restricted to a continuous wavelength range or line arrangement.  

Imec hyperspectral imaging cmv4000

Figure 1. Imec’s scanning approach to hyperspectral imaging

imec hyperspectral imaging scanning

Figure 2.  Wedge/scanning hyperspectral imager from Imec

For applications where scanning is not desirable such as security with fast moving objects, the snapshot option is also available.  This is implemented differently where the image sensor is subdivided into 32 zones (filters for a specific wavelength) of 256 x 256 pixels.  This version is based on the CMOSIS CMV2000.


 imec hyperspectral imaging snapshot

  Figure 3.  Imec’s higher speed snapshot hyperspectral imaging system


Imec has evaluation systems available now. 


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