CCD and CMOS rugged cameras for long-range observation systems

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, May 6, 2015

The proliferation of mission critical imaging systems in recent years is a result of heightened security concerns and intensified surveillance at airports, seaports, in cities, at borders, in warzones, etc.  Long-range observation and designator systems have been installed on permanent and mobile platforms to provide 24-hour surveillance and early warning detection.


Although more imaging devices have been added to the platforms there is now a move towards higher accuracy, increased image quality, networked video distribution and multipurpose use (extension of capabilities) at identical or lower cost.

These imaging systems need to detect, recognize, and identify objects and persons on the ground at ranges from 4 to 20 kilometers under challenging environmental conditions.  In order to enable higher image quality, increased resolution and affordable low light capabilities without increasing size of zoom optics, ½” sensors are usually desirable.  Notable exceptions include single or multi, fixed field of view systems, which are generally used in lightweight and low power semi – portable devices or larger platforms for long ranges and can provide the space needed for large zoom optics.

Adimec cameras provide full HD images in real-time under harsh conditions.  CCD and CMOS based solutions are available.  Optimized functionality for outdoor lighting variations provides excellent visibility even in haze and fog.  The optional CoaXPress interface lets you connect several cameras and transmit large amounts of data while using existing coaxial cabling. CoaXPress provides power, communication and a 6.25 Gpbs video stream to the system over 1 cable per camera. 

Challenges for ground observation systems are backwards compatibility with PAL/NTCS systems, variations in display resolution, ruggedness, haze, fog, scintillation, performance in low light and the design and production of electro-optics in higher volumes.  Click here for more information on how these challenges can be addressed.


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