CCD versus CMOS in low light global security applications demonstrated at SPIE DCS 2016

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Fri, Apr 22, 2016

At the 2016 SPIE DCS 2016, Adimec demonstrated rugged CCD cameras and latest generation (Sony IMX250) CMOS based rugged cameras with color in low light.

On the left side is the Adimec TMX7-DHD cameras (top is color and bottom is monochrome) using the Sony ICX674 CCD image sensor.  On the right side is the Adimec TMX50 cameras (again top is color and bottom is monochrome) using the latest Sony global shutter CMOS image sensor IMX250. The TMX50 cameras are using Adimec's proprietray Adaptive Resolution which contains algorithms to map the output resolution to match that of the TMX7-DHD (1920x1080).  (The output is selectable to emulate other optical formats as well.)  So even though the TMX50 has a different resolution on the image sensor and a smaller pixel size, the FOV out of the camera is the same.  This means the same optics can be used when upgrading from CCD to CMOS.  

With this demonstration, we created a low light scene with some "smoke" to show the differences in more challenging imaging conditions.  The demonstration showed that the CMOS based cameras offer increased performance even with smaller pixels (especially evident in the color camera videos).  Of course the video of the monitor does not show the full benefits.  Please contact us for a live demonstration!


Here is an image of the inside of the box.



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