Choosing between the On Semi Vita 25k or Python 25k image sensor based cameras

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Fri, Sep 23, 2016

With the new Python25k image sensor from On Semi, there are now more great options for 25 Megapixel high-performance machine vision cameras.  Now the question is whether to go with a Vita25k or a Python 25k based camera.

A few things to consider:

  • Frame rate: The Python 25k offers a full frame rate of about 80 fps compared to 70 fps for the Vita 25k; but with a very small ROI the frame rate is faster with the Vita 25k
  • Read noise: The read noise for the Python 25k is less than half that of the Vita 25k
  • Power consumption: The power consumption of a Vita 25k based camera is lower than that with Python 25k

So it all comes down to which specifications are most important to the application.  Here is a quick overview of the camera specifications including other high resolution camera options we provide such as the AMS-CMOSIS CMV12k and OnSemi Python 5k:


Notes to table: 1) Read noise, DR, and SNR can be different from image sensor specifications, these cameras are calibrated to linearity. 2) Two framespeeds are listed for the N-5A100, one for the full frame 5 megapixel, the second for the framespeed at 2kx2k, 4 megapixel resolution.

COMMENT: Sensor column text [Sensor (pixel size)], Frame-speed column [fps = (fps)]


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