CoaXPress cameras and frame grabbers everywhere at Vision 2016 Stuttgart

Posted by Benny Koene on Fri, Nov 18, 2016

First of all a thank you to all who visited our booth!

Vision 2016 was a success (almost 10,000 visitors!) and we had a lot of attention for our demonstrations and cameras. Our machine vision CoaXPress multi-camera demo with four N-5A100/CXP and one S-25A80/CXP is featured on the Vision 2016 preliminary concluding report.

TMX CoaXPress Series in the low light demo setupSapphire S-25A80 and Norite N-5A100 in the CoaXPress Multi camera demonstrationInternal fingerprint demo with Adimec Q-2HFW camera

The low light TMX series demonstration, the S-25 and Norite multi-camera demonstration and the Q-2HFW internal fingerprint demonstation.

For more detail about the various demonstrations please, read our previous blogs:

In addidion to our booth, many other companies promoted their developments with CoaXPress:

  • At the Microchip booth a demonstration of CoaXPress data transfer at 10 Gbit/s was shown, CoaXPress 2.0 is approaching!


  • More and more large companies use CoaXPress in their products. We liked to see CoaXPress being used by Mitsubishi Electric in their Contact Image Sensor for print quality inspection. A lot of other camera manufacturers where providing cameras with a CoaXPress interface as well.

 CIS-CXP-2.jpg CIS-CXP-1.jpg

On top of all these interesting developments, has been totally redesigned and updated. You can find information about CoaXPress, from its history to its future! It also has a page that lists a lot of the CoaXPress product manufacturers.

Did you miss the opportunity in Stuttgart to meet Adimec, and to stay informed about the developments of CoaXPress? Adimec will be present as well on the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment (ITE) in Japan from 7 to 9 December 2016. You will find us at booth #46.

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