CoaXPress cameras including those designed for cost-effective, high-speed multi-camera systems at Automation World 2016 in Korea

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Fri, Feb 19, 2016

The 2016 Automation World exhibition will be held March 9th through the 11th in conjunction with the 5th Korean Machine Vision Show for machine vision, semiconductor, robotics, and security system providers to see the latest automation-world-adimec-cmos-cameras.pngcomponent and technology developments.

Adimec with TS Corporation and Jun Vision will show CoaXPress capabilities with the latest cameras, for example the Adimec Quartz Q-12A180/CXP and the Adimec Sapphire S-25A70/CXP.  The Q-12A180 camera utilizes the CMOSIS CMV12000 global shutter image sensor and is a 12 Megapixel CMOS global shutter camera that delivers images of 4096 x 3072 pixels at a maximum 187 full frames per second (fps).  The S-25A70/CXP camera utilizes the ON Semiconductor Vita25k global shutter image sensor and is a 25 Megapixel CMOS global shutter camera that delivers images of 5120 x 5120 pixels at a maximum 73 full frames per second (fps). Both are equipped with the CoaXPress V1.1 Quad interface (4 x CXP-6) utilizing Adimec’s new 2 Gigapixels/s camera platform and offer the lowest power, fan-less Quad CoaXPress implementation in a compact form factor.  The cameras are designed to be easy to integrate without unwanted noise caused by heat and to provide an excellent price/performance ratio.

CoaXPress CXP-6 Quad (4 x CXP-6) offers a peak transfer rate of 2 Gigapixels/s with data transmission between the camera and frame grabber at up to 25 Gbits/s (4 x 6.25 Gbits/s). At maximum speed cable lengths over 30 meters are supported without the need signal repeaters. 

These camera options enable inspection and metrology system builders to make gains in accuracy and throughput. The stable 24/7 performance of the cameras provides reliable and predicable high quality images required for large field-of-view inspection equipment, such as in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, FPD and profilometry.

For systems using multi-camera set-ups, there is a desire to take advantage of higher speed CMOS image sensors as well.  At the show, Adimec will demonstrate a new CMOS camera option for those upgrading measurement head systems using 2, 4, or 8 cameras.  It is a high-resolution, single CoaXPress solution for a cost-effective design for multiple cameras and a single frame grabber.  More information on these cameras to come…


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