High-resolution camera for machine vision: how to choose?

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Wed, Jan 7, 2015

So you have decided that a higher resolution camera will help you increase throughput and accuracy of your inspection or metrology system (For more information about this:  How metrology cameras with high speed combined with high image quality improve accuracy or Industrial metrology cameras for increased throughput and accuracy) now what are the next steps to find the right solution?

A first step is to select the right image sensor and subsequent camera that will provide the image quality details required for your measurement.  Our free ePaper provides details on how to prioritize the image sensor parameters and what the differences can be with cameras utilizing the same image sensor.

Another step is to select the best interface for your system.  This includes considerations beyond just the data rate of the interface, such as the rigidity of the cables (rigid cable can have vibration issues), and the ability of the interface to handle even higher data rates as these are inevitable in the near future.  Our free ePaper includes the pros and cons of different machine interfaces including CoaXPress, GigE Vision, and USB3.

If after this, you have decided that a high-performance CMOS image sensor based camera with a resolution of 12 Megapixels or even 25 Megapixels might be the right fit, CoaXPress is an excellent choice to get the full advantages.  There are now many new CoaXPress frame grabbers available:  Are frame grabbers ready for QUAD CoaXPress (4 x CXP-6) with a speed of 25 Gbits/s. The implementation of CoaXPress should also be considered to avoid cameras requiring fans for cooling or having large size and power requirements:  OEM metrology cameras enabling 2 Gigapixels per second at low power – how is it possible?

The Adimec QUARTZ Q-12A180 12 Megapixel camera offers 187 full fps.  It also includes the most advanced implementation of the CoaXPress interface.


For more information about the Q-12A180, the detailed product specification is available:


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