LLTECH Records Major Progress In Prostate Cancer Detection And Diagnosis - using Adimec High Full Well Capacity Camera

Posted by Gretchen Alper on Mon, Oct 17, 2016

This article is reposted from  The LLTECH FFOCT system utilizes the Adimec high full well capacity camera: the Adimec Q-2HFWC-CXP.  Adimec and LLTECH first collaborated on the CAReIOCA project, a European Union sponsored FP7 project, was started in early 2013 to provide pathologists and/or surgeons non-invasive optical imaging at the cellular level within the human body in real time.  As a result, Adimec developed the Q-2HFWC-CXP camera which offers 2 Megapixels at over 550 fps via CoaXPress, offering an industry unique high full well capability of 2 million electrons per pixel.

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LLTECH Records Major Progress In Prostate Cancer Detection And Diagnosis On Use Its Cellular-Scale Imaging Solution

• Based on FFOCT technology, Light-CT Scanner solution obtains close to 100% sensitivity on high-grade cancers

• The Company, which received the Prize SFR-Medicen-SNITEM 2015, will be present at The French Days of Radiology, October 14-17 in Paris, France. 

Paris (France), October 13, 2016 – LLTech, an imaging company specialized in the field of the real-time optical biopsy for the diagnosis and the assessment of cancer surgery, announces today the publication of a new study demonstrating the potential of its Full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT) technology in the pre-histological detection of prostate cancer. 

During a study led to the Beijing Hospital of Health Ministry (Beijing, China), Cochin Hospital (Paris, France) and UCLA (Los Angeles, USA), three readers (a pathologist with previous experience with FFOCT, a pathologist new to FFOCT, and a urologist new to FFOCT) were trained to read FFOCT images of prostate biopsies (a set of 25 complete images) by using the Light-CT Scanner solution developed by LLTECH. After training, pathologists have red a set of 110 anonymized and randomized images and obtained 100% sensitivity on high grade cancer detection (Gleason 6 and above) and 96% overall specificity. For their part, urologist obtained 88% sensitivity on high-grade cancer and 89% overall specificity. 

Bertrand Le Conte de Poly, CEO and co-founder of LLTECH, commented: “The prostate cancer diagnosis requires multiple biopsies and recalling frequently the patient. This situation has psychological consequences and sometimes heavy medical complications for the patient. This new study demonstrates the advantages of the FFOCT technology. Faster and more precise, this new standard of ultrahigh imaging resolution allows the physician (radiologist, urologist, surgeon) a real-time decision making and will avoid eventually expensive and repeated procedures for the HealthCare System ". 

The Company, award-winner of the Medical imaging innovation SFR/Medicen/SNITEM 2015, will be present at The French Days of Radiology, October 14-17 in Paris, France. During this conference, LLTECH will expose the latest high-speed version of its imaging solution and will present its last results during a session entitled : "Moving forward in male urogenital imaging". 


LLTech (Light For Life Technologies) has developed advanced optics technology, robust software, and an easy-to-use system as an intra-operative and diagnostic tool for surgeons and pathologists to increase the standard of care for cancer surgeries and biopsies. 

With relationships with leading medical centers worldwide, clinical studies underway to validate lead applications, revenues from its research system, and a clinical unit only months away from readiness for commercial sale, the company plans to move its headquarters to Silicon Valley and launch a series of applications, beginning with Mohs surgery, ENT, and breast cancer in the U.S. and a customized approach to selected global markets. (

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