Preparing for Vision 2016 in Stuttgart – a sneak peak at our multi-cameras over CoaXPress demo, part 2

Posted by Benny Koene on Thu, Oct 13, 2016

So last week we showed an image of our multi-cameras over CoaXPress demo. In the image, some cameras were rotated counter clockwise but the images they recorded looked to rotate the scene clockwise. As promised we will explain this effect in the blog of this week.

You will see that as soon as you are drawing some schematics, it is actually very easy to explain this effect. The first schematic shows a camera that is aligned with the edge of a rectangular object of interest, for example a phone like last week.

The ideal situation: phone and camera are aligned

Now let’s see what happens when we rotate the camera counter clockwise while keeping the phone in the same position.

Distortion: the camera's are slightly rotated with respect to the phone

You can see that it is actually the left top part that shifts out of the field of view the first. On the monitor we set the camera artificially parallel to the monitor edge. This results in the below drawing, and as you can see the phone looks like it is tilted clockwise while the camera has been rotated counter clockwise!

Distortion: with the rotation as indicated in the previous figure, this is what will be displayed on your screen

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