PYTHON vs VITA quantum efficiency

Posted by Benny Koene on Thu, Nov 30, 2017

In an earlier blog about the three Adimec 25 Megapixel offerings there is a small mistake. The wrong Quantum Efficiency (QE) curve was used which suggested there is a difference in QE between the VITA and PYTHON sensor.

Luckily we have some alert readers who notified us about this mistake and this allows us to correct for it in this blog. The QE for the VITA sensor and the PYTHON sensor is more or less equal, as shown in the figure below.

The VITA sensor is present in our S-25A30 camera link camera and in our S-25A70 CoaXPress camera. The PYTHON is present in our S-25A80 camera.

Interesting to note is that for the PYTHON sensor we also have a camera available which has the NIR variant of this sensor. The QE of this NIR variant is added in the graph below. This NIR variant does have a higher QE in the NIR region compared to both the normal PYTHON and the VITA. This NIR camera has a CoaXPress interface as well.


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