The interoperability of CoaXPress

Posted by Benny Koene on Fri, Dec 2, 2016

The whole idea of an interface standard is that systems from various manufacturers work without any problem together. In the case of a vision system this should especially be true for the camera – cable – frame grabber combination.

To be able to offer this interoperability but also to solve issues in a fast and efficient way, Adimec finds it very important to have good contact with the frame grabber manufacturers and cable suppliers.

A show like Vision 2016, is one of those moments were these contacts become visible. Several frame grabber manufacturers displayed Adimec cameras. Especially our new Norite N-5A100 was very popular. It was demonstrated on multiple locations in a CoaXPress multi-camera demo. In these demonstrations up to four Norite cameras were connected to a single frame grabber with a single CoaXPress cable per camera.

Live demos with the various frame grabber manufacturers confirmed the interoperability of our cameras.

See below a photo collage of the several demonstrations that could be found in Stuttgart with our Camera. The logo of the frame grabber manufacturer of the used frame grabber is shown in each picture.



Topics: Applications, Interface Technology

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