How to measure the dark noise profile in a camera

Posted by Benny Koene on Mon, May 22, 2017

In one of our previous blogs we already discussed how to use ImageJ to visualize image statistics and make dark noise visible. However before analyzing the dark noise with a program like ImageJ, it is important to measure the dark noise correctly. Here are some tips on correctly measuring the dark noise.

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Find out more about upgrading from CCD to ruggedized, high-resolution digital HD and beyond CMOS cameras at SPIE Defence + Commercial Sensing

Posted by Benny Koene on Fri, Apr 7, 2017

Adimec Exhibits New CMOS Extended Day Cameras with Adaptive Resolution to expand identification capabilities in low light

From April 11th to 13th, Adimec will exhibit at the SPIE Defence + Commercial Sensing conference in Anaheim (US).

The picture below gives you a preview of what you can expect:

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Throwback Thursday: Aligning a sensor with a slide projector

Posted by Benny Koene on Thu, Mar 9, 2017

Adimec celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. During the past 25 years we have gathered a large amount of knowledge about cameras.

The tooling for building cameras has changed over time. In our Throwback Thursday blog series we will give you a look into the history of camera manufacturing at Adimec.

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What are the differences between the various Sony IMX Pregius image sensors?

Posted by Benny Koene on Thu, Feb 23, 2017

We have noticed there is some confusion about the various Sony Pregius image sensors and their resolution. The resolution doesn’t necessarily increase with a higher number in the sensor’s name. Therefore we will give in this blog a brief overview of the resolution of the Sony IMX250, IMX252, IMX253 and the IMX255 sensors. We also address the question which of these IMX sensor should I choose?

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