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ePaper: Choosing the best camera-interface combination

An optimal combination of camera and interface is crucial in the design of high-end inspection and metrology equipment. Once you've chosen the needed interface you would like to know the impact on the complete system design.There are many elements that influence the camera and interface selection to find the best one for the application. Ultimately what you are looking for is a cost effective choice, that's not over-designed and delivers the needed performance at the right price.

In this 15-page ePaper we will discuss:

  • The evolving needs of vision interfaces

  • Facts and Benefits of GigE Vision, CameraLink and CoaXPress

  • Overview of new interface standards such as 10GigE vision, CameraLink HS, USB3 Vision

  • Technical comparison when choosing between interfaces

This free ePaper will give you details on the industrial vision interface options, saving you hours of research.