Receive the Q-12A180CXP ISS2.0
Detailed Specifications

HR Q12A180 uitgesneden

The Adimec QUARTZ Q-12A180 is the most powerful 12 Mpx camera available.

It offers 12 Megapixels at 187 fps with only a maximum of 9W of power in a small outline.  With the highest image quality and the QUAD CoaXPress interface, this metrology camera can dramatically improve the performance of process control systems.  

If you fill out the form we will sent you the datasheet by e-mail. The datasheet contains more details about:

  • Camera sensitivity curves for color, monochrome, and NIR
  • Frame rate charts
  • In-camera image processing functionality
  • Camera functions
  • Mechanical dimensions
  • Lens mounts
  • Sensor mounting accuracy
  • Video interfacing details
  • Environmental specifications