The new RUBY X-ray Camera Lens Assembly (CLA) delivers full digital real-time.  1k2 30fps imaging in Image Intensifier based medical imaging systems. 

RUBY will be available in two versions: suitable for 20 mm II
and for 25 mm II output window. RUBY is specifically designed to reduce and eliminate costs in fluoroscopy C-arm systems compared to todays existing CCD based solutions, without compromising image quality.RUBY CLA stand alone



With RUBY you optimize the 5 elements of image quality in X-ray imaging in your system: Resolution, Contrast, Dynamic imaging, Noise, Artifacts.

The RUBY CLA fits on any brand Image Intensifier with 20 or 25 mm
output window. The low weight, compact outline and low power operation make it easy to install RUBY in existing mobile C-arm designs, with re-use of the existing aesthetic covers. Adjustment provisions on RUBY make it simple to position, align and fine focus the image, regardless of the orientation of the C-arm.

For more detailed information about RUBY check this datasheet